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YALLA! is an exciting, traditional and upbeat middle-eastern music and dance group from Melbourne, Australia led by multi-instrumentalist, Phil Carroll.

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March 1st 2014  Yalla! Reunion for Omeda at Thornbury Theatre

November  25 Sun. 2007  YALLA 10th anniversary celebrations. Fitzroy Town Hall cnr. Napier and Moor Streets, Fitzroy . ~Concert begins at 6.30pm~

Join Yalla members past and present & many special guests including: Sanctuary Ensemble, Snake Sisters, Bohemian Nights, Underbelly, Daughters of Isis, Monkey Brigade, Brahim Benhim, Nashat Abdelesayed, Ben Last,  John Norton & Pin Rada

 ~Doors open at 3pm~Food & beverage stalls, open bar in the evening,FREE dance & percussion workshops, henna painting,Middle Eastern dance wear, books, cds & information stalls.

FREE Workshops:3.30pm Arabic drumming4pm Eqyptian Dance4.30pm Persian Dance5pm Arabic Drumming

Advanced Bookings $16 full / $14 con. At the door $20 full / $14 con.

Book online    www.dancingisis.com  or call 0419 523 710

Supported by: Multicultural Arts VIctoria, UNDERBELLY, Ausdance, The Boite and VMC


Phil Carroll (Klezmeritis, ex-Ta'esh a'esh) on quartertone accordion, mizmar (Arabic oboe), ney (Arabic flute) and vocals, as well as
Andrew Kuhlman (La Kasbah), and
Michael Kontochristos (ex-Bad Boys, Azuca Negra) on percussion (tabul, darrabukas, reqs, dufs etc.)
Maria Sangiorgi dancer, percussion and vocals, www.dancingisis.com
Phil Gunter (Cantigas,Al Jadida) on oud (lute) and
Ernie Gruner (Klezmeritis, Jugularity) on violin.

"As waves upon my head the circling curl,
So in the sacred dance weave ye and whirl.
Dance then, O heart, a whirling circle be.
Burn in this flame - is not the candle He? "
Rumi Biographies

PHIL CARROLL Quartertone Arabic accordion,Ney (Arabic flute) Mizmar (Arabic oboe), mijwiz (Arabic double-clarinet) and vocals. Phil has worked in a broad variety of music. He conducted aboriginal and trade union choirs in the Northern Territory. A piano player in hotels, he has been involved in jazz and world music groups, here and overseas for years, including The Brazil Nuts', 'Indiginy Music Ensemble' (at Ayers Rock Resort),'Ta'esh Fa'esh', the flamenco ensemble Arte Kanela, the Moroccan group La Kasbah, Klezmeritis, the Latin group Zingaro and French band Bric-a-Brac. He has also composed music for films, documentaries, music ensembles and dancers. His passion for the Eastern sound deepened during his travels in '98 to the Middle-East with The Breezes Of Anatolia Turkish ensemble and subsequent studies in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco where he collected and studied the ney and Oriental makams.

ERNIE GRUNER (violin) has a long a distinguished history in Australia's music scene. From the hilarity of Jugularity to Dya Singh's world music band,the Monash String Quartet ,Kalinka to Klezmeritis which he leads.He promotes Klezmer ( Eastern European Jewish) music with his workshops and performances around the country.

MARIA SANGIORGI (dance, vocals, percussion) has danced and taught Middle Eastern Dance for many years. She has performed at Local and National festivals and festivals in the USA and Italy. She hosted Melbourne leg of National tour with Egyptian percussionist and recording artist Hossam Ramzy. She was co-creator of Club Al-Sharqi, a Middle-Eastern Dance club. Maria was also co-creator of the popular Snake Sisters performing group. Maria teaches regular classes and is in demand around Australia for workshops. She has also worked in prisons and other institutions.

ANDREW KUHLMANN (percussion) has studied Middle-Eastern percussion under several tutors including Hosam Ramzy and Ghassan Baraket. He has also performed with La Kasbah, as well as backing various dancers.

PHILIP GUNTER (oud) recently completed a Master Of Music degree with a high distinction for studies on ornamentation in Arabic and Turkish oud music. Philip was a founding member of the medieval group Cantigas. Philip is a specialist in medieval and renaissance lutes as well as the oud. He recently studied oud in New York under renowned oud player Simon Shaheen.

MICHAEL KONTOCHRISTOS (percussion) graduated from Victoria College Of Arts in percussion studies. He has played in many Latin and world music bands including Azuca Negra, Bad Boys Batacada and Arte Kanela. He teaches and has performed overseas.

O harp,
the strains of a longing heart is my wish.
O flute,
your burning cry is my wish.
Play the great song of Arabia;
I am the Great Bird,
and the song of Solomon is my wish.
Play the song of Iraq,
and let its soothing melody
calm the hearts of its people –
this is my wish.
Play on! Play on! –
High notes, low notes, every note.
I have fallen into a dream
with your peaceful melody.
Now awaken me with a loud gong –
this is my wish.
I hear your song –
the voice of God,
a symphony of love playing to the world.
That music is my witness –
I am a pious man,
pure faith is my wish.
O love, vanquish the intellect;
O love, that bewildering moment
is my wish.
O sweet wind,
passing over love's grass,
blow in my direction,
for the fragrance of love is my wish.
In the Face of my master, all beauty is revealed.
One sight –
One sight –
that is my wish.


YALLA acknowledges that we stand on land in Melbourne for which the Wurundjeri people are the traditional owners and custodians. We remember their ancestors with respect and commit ourselves to work for reconciliation and justice for indigenous people. The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth.

"Only after the last tree has been cut down.
Only after the last river has been poisoned.
Only after the last fish has been caught.
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."

Cree Indian prophecy