violin, accordion, the moonlight & you...

       (around 100 so far )


J-Air 1hr radio interview on my background and some current projects, Feb 2014

YOU TUBE VIDEOS including...

C31 TV interview with Henry Greener

on klezmer music & being a musician  Feb2014

Shir Madness 2015

short bits of Klezmeritis then Saray Iluminado from 2.35 with Bohemian Nights - Ernie and Phil leading Hava Nagila 5.40 and Mazeltov 6.44 ish "The after-festival party at the 2002 Fairbridge Festival (near Perth, Western
Australia) as recorded by Andrew Clermont, featuring a cast of thousands including Mal Webb, Women in Docs, Kate Fagan, Scott and Louisa Wise, Nicky Bomba and Ernie Gruner playing Ray Schloeffel's Blacktown Jig among other gems. One of the memorable moments in the history of the festival."

KlezKanada Dance w Michael Alpert   2008 38secs Ernie and Michael Alpert, 1.45 Ernie infected w his old style secundo style...

Bohemian Nights

Bohemian Nights YouTube Channel

Klezmer National folk festival 2010

Tu Vo Fo Americano as above

French Waltzes  Boite 2010

Gloomy Sunday and Klezmer tunes 2010

Dark Eyes and Kolomeike NZ TV 2005?

also Boite 2010 etc

2013 Klezmer/Gypsy Dance


Bowlines YouTube Channel

Escaping from Mr Bach

Welcoming to Northcote

Excited for Sherridan

Klezmeritis at Fairbridge festival 2008

playing Kolomeike

Spicks and Specks 2006

Klezmer Trio

welcoming guests to chuppah

Yalla ! / Middle-Eastern

Spicks and Specs 2009 Xmas

Reunion 2014 playing Aziza

Reunion 2014 playing Wahdawanoos

Reunion 2014 with Maria, then all dancers

Guesting at Festivals


Assorted Videos at


later add

Dave Wayman and Black Taxi links etc

Internet Radio

Artytypes Kolomeike combined with short story

Compilation albums which include tracks from the other recordings

year title artist/s notes
2009 PBS world music compilation Klezmeritis Rumanian hora
  Trad&Now2 Klezmeritis  
  National Folk Festival Jugularity  
  National Folk Festival Klezmeritis  
  Fairbridge Folk Festival Klezmeritis, Yalla!  
2002 Ta'am Australian Jewish Music Klezmeritis Leybedik Australian Jewish Music Archive



    - Melbourne Yiddish poet

    - The Prisoner

Here's a list of CDs, DVDs, tapes, LPs on which Ernie has recorded, also TV, film projects.

For ordering information on items below

or to contact bands or musicians below, please email Ernie.

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Until this site has a Shop Page please see each band page for shops or CD BABY for online sales for Bohemian Nights, Klezmeritis, Saray Iluminado, Jugularity,  Soleluna.

Klezmeritis also pops up on I-tunes.

Jump to 1990s 1980s

year title artist/s notes
2019 With the Songmen Sarah Hopkins, Anne Norman et al Remix and tracks reviewed by Sarah Hopkins via Up from the Deep (see below, Darwin Tunnel)
2017 Haven Many Boite 20th Millenium Chorus DVD
2017 Bakhdida Iraq/Melbourne For the people of Bakhdida - who fled invasion in 2014 and have sought refuge around the world, this song is a reminder of the gifts of peace and collaboration.Genre: World: Middle East Contemporary
2017 Up from the Deep Curated by Anne Norman Recorded in Darwin Oil Tunnels with Yolngu, West Papuan & western musicians
2017 Festival Folk Sing - Dark Side of the Moon Festival Folk Sing Track 4 - Time. Bohemian Nights plays with Martin Pearson
2016/7 2 albums Sam Green  
2016 That's not a Daffodil solo Recorded music for theatre show, directed by Sue Johnson, with Yuval Ashkar
2016 Circling Strangers Bowlines Improvising string trio CD
2015 100:25:1 duet duo with Adam Simmons

2015 Nightingales and Roses Saray Iluminado Sevdah and Sephardic - More & BUY here
2015 The Orchid & the Crow Dan Tobias

2 tracks for cabaret show

including Abraham's Song on YouTube

2015 Mazl Karen Feldman Yiddish/Jazz songs
2014 Saray Iluminado Saray Iluminado 4 track EP
2014 ABC TV The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke Bohemian Nights & Lucky Oceans Theme and other music for documentary
2014 Gurrong The Boite

The Boite – Gurrong CD or DVD “New Treasures in and Old Land” at Hamer Hall click to purchase

with James Rigby, Jane Thompson, Shane Howard, Archie Roach,  Lamine Sonko, David Krycer

2014 Migration :   BUY    LISTEN   Harry Williamson and Friends – Many moons ago I recorded a piece virtually with Greg Sheehan, Jane Belfrage, and Harry
2013 Bialystok song solo for Bialystok ghetto uprising 70th anniversary

Something Mine

track 3 "Heartless Hill"

Jarrod Caspersz "cheeky folk with a sprinkle of jazz a touch of pop and heavy on melody "

The Zaporozhets

The Zaporozhets

email here to order your copy


  Justin Marshall accordion, percussion

  Michael Timcke - clarinet, saxes

  Matt Saunders - guitar

  Fran Evans - double bass

  Rory McDougal - drums, percussion

  with Declan Jones - trumpet & moi

2011 Creole Zen Jean Cabon

Mauritian / world fusion

track 1, 2, 5. 7

2011 Sarajevo Suite traditional Bosnian & improvised score provoked by Elissa recorded soundscore with Elissa Goodrich, for La Mama show written by Helen Lucas, directed Bagryana Popov  - violin and viola
2011 These people, this place: everyday grace Fay White Folk, "collects the best of my commissioned works of this past decade, together with a handful of songs never recorded before."
2010 Brothers in Borscht Bohemian Nights 55' of Klezmer, Gypsy, Russian, Italian, French, Middle-eastern, Tango  & Jazz, sung and played on violin, accordion, mandolin, ney and mey.
2009   Yalla! ABC TV Spicks and Specks
2009 Balance Bruce Watson "Struggle"
2009 Gypsy Pete Hawkes Only on I-tunes, 1 track : The Lonely Busker
2009  DVD   Boite 30th Anniversary The Boite recorded at The National Gallery, includes Bohemian Nights
2009 Songs of Six Realms Bronwyn Calcutt Original cabaret and other songs
2009 The Jazz Chronicles Pete Hawkes Innovative compositions to jazz standards
2008 So Many Notes Jewish Jazz Live concert at BMW Edge for Jewish Museum
2008 Come Together Ajak Kwai Sudanese        African Contemporary              Recorded 2005
2008 Jugularity Live recording : Port Fairy folk festival 2008
2008 Postcards From Exile Brenda Chapman Perth singer/songwriter    Recorded 2007  Listen to Innana
2008   DVD Yackandandah

The Great Yackanandah Jam Project - Music Directors Jane Thompson, James Rigby. Coordinator/Producer - Karen Roben

Nomad Films

2007 Phenomenology Kate Eve Contemporary singer/songwriter - includes some of my dirty fiddle and soulful viola
2006 Sing, Jam & Jive Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter Children's music CD
2006 The Minotaurs Lament Dark Waters Tango Compositions by Dave Wayman & Phil Carroll
2006 Underbelly DVD Yalla! Bellydance Dvd, including Maria Sangiorgi of Yalla!

Klezmeritis records for a tango - Last Drive in Marseilles by Ruth Roshan mandolin/vocals

      Track heard on "Everbody hates Chris"

2006 BIG HOUSE LIVE JUGULARITY Recorded Live at The Big House
2006   Klezmeritis ABC TV Spicks and Specks
2005 MARIMBA SONGS Jon Madin Book and 2CD set . for children with easy accompaniment for marimbas and xylophones
2005 Sounds Armenian Local & o/s Armenian musicians & Ernie & Phil Live concert recording of traditional Armenian music. Atur Yeghiazaryan (Duduk), Arax Mansourian (soprano) & Melbourne musicians


(formerly known as Gypsy Nights)

70' of Klezmer, Gypsy, Russian, Italian, French, Middle-eastern, Tango  & Jazz, sung and played on violin, accordion, mandolin, ney and duduk.

2004 SOLELUNA SOLELUNA Sephardic fusion (derived from Jewish music of Spain,Middle-East,Greece,Balkans,Turkey)
2004 Live recording SOLELUNA RADIO PBS (includes tracks not on CD)
2004?   with Dave Wayman Beechworth Bakery TV advert music
2004 MELISMA MELISMA Greek & Sephardic traditional (5track mini-CD)
2004 INTO THE DEEP JANE BELFRAGE Harpist / Composer
2004 Theatre music tracks IRENE VELA Original & Traditional Greek
2004 Moving Feast Bruce Watson "A Moving Feast" and "No Blood For Oil"
2004 THE FULL OMNTY JOHN ANDERSON Singer / Songwriter / Storyteller
2004 Sao Paolo Kleztango KLEZMERITIS RADIO PBS World Music compilation tbr
2004 LIVE 15/8/04 ST KILDA TOWN HALL KLEZMERITIS & KLEZMANIA ABC Music Deli Live concert recording
2003 tbr Harry Williamson and Kalil Afghani sitar meets western styles
Spring Studios, to be released (tbr)
2003 tbr Harry Roberts Township/Blues feel
Spring Studios tbr
2003 Carmella's Evolution Carmella Flescher Relaxation music
Spring Studios
2003 Demo Julie Levy & Ernie Gruner Spring Studios
2003 The Fig Tree Klezmeritis, Kavisha, Klezmania,

THE BOITE Production

Review at Klezmershack

2003 Beyond the Shadows of a Sound Jean Cabon Mauritian, World fusion
Spring Studios
2003 Great Southern Band Great Southern Band ABC studios, tbr
2003 No blood for oil Bruce Watson Peace Compilation CD
2003 Private Transport Guild League/Tali White Candle Records
2003 35th National Folk Festival compilation Steve Ros Barnes Folk
2002 CERES Live Compilation Klezmeritis / Yalla! Yismechu/ Araber Tantz
2002   Little Yarra Steiner School Klezmer Improv.
2002 Demo Gypsy Nights Phil Carroll & Ernie Gruner back to the top
2001 Unjugged Jugularity Jazz Folk
2001 Winter Dreaming Great Southern Band 1 track as part of THE BOITE Reconciliation concert
2000 Indigo Moon Peter Deryk Jazz
2000 Yalla! Yalla! Middle-Eastern
2000 Klezmeritis Klezmeritis E.European Jewish etc
1999 Leo Rosner Cabaret Leo Rosner Live, Continental , Jewish
1999 Life in the World Unseen Harry Williamson Spring Studios
1998 Out my Window Bruce Watson  
1997 Everything’s Possible Meg MacDonald  
1997 Crossing the Bridge Helen Wright  
1997 Follow the Moon Brightwater  
1997 Piaf Sings Freud Bronwyn Calcutt  
1996 Red Cliffs Neil Adam  
1996 Sunrise Howlin’ Wind Sony
1996 Greatest Hats Jugularity  
1995 Oystralia Klezmania  
1995 Dugong Lullaby Howlin’ Wind back to the top
1994 Between Light & Dark Penelope Swales  
1994 Nice Noises Simpson, Gillespie & Wright  
1994 Dya Singh Dya Singh The Sydney Tapes
1994 9th Maleny Festival Dya Singh, Various  
1993 In the Nightlands Helen Wright  
1993 Lively Jugularity  
1993 Cadillackerwakker Rich and Famous (later released as CD)
1992 Listen Three Bags Full  
1992 Catchments of Green Fay White  
1992 Maleny Festival Zingara ABC Music Deli
1991 Tribute Album Liz Johnston  
1990 Politics, Religion, & Sex Bruce Watson  
1990 In a Jugular Vein Jugularity  
1990 Twankydillo Twankydillo  
1989 Live Jugularity One-C-One
1989 Standing Room Only Bruce Watson Melbourne Folk Club Compilation
1986 Eastern Suburbs Railway Bruce Stephens NSW Railway Historical Society Tape
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