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Melbourne's Playback Theatre Company
PO Box 42
Albert Park
Victoria 3206
Telephone 03 9690 9253


Exciting and Dynamic Improvised Theatre for your Training Program, Conference or Special Event

Playback is an exciting an dynamic form of Improvisational Theatre

Playback is a unique form of spontaneous theatre, presented by a team of professional actors and a musician. A performance is facilitated by a conductor, who provides the opportunity for the audience to share stories and experiences. The actors and musician then re-enact these stories, using a variety of improvisational forms.

Like all good theatre a Playback performance works by engaging its audience. It is interactive, spontaneous and skilful.

How to bring your Conference or Training Program to Life with Clarity and Imagination

A Playback performance can be scheduled at any stage of a training program, conference or special event.

A performance can serve to warm up participants to issues, for example, the articulation of hopes and aspirations, or the identification of conflict and resistance within an organisation.

A performance can deepen a group's appreciation of their organisation culture to enable it to define an emerging vision for change.

Perhaps Playback's most common role is to draw together the themes of a program or conference. Here Playback's capacity to facilitate, inform and entertain is most effectively combined.

Why Playback Performances Work

It is often difficult for those within an organisational culture to see the culture for what it is. In a Playback performance the performers reflect back to the audience their own experiences and stories. They create a mirror for the group which is non-threatening and enjoyable.

Individual stories have a wider resonance for the audience. Group members are often surprised and delighted they are not alone in their experiences and perceptions. This can be an important step towards the forging of a shared vision.

Playback can also serve as a welcome release from the pressure of an intensive training program.

Learn More about the Playback Theatre Form

Playback Theatre Company members can offer training in the Playback Theatre form. Playback workshops are an effective way to learn about team work, spontaneity, leadership and communication skills.

More than Twenty Years of Performance

Melbourne Playback Theatre was formed in 1981. It is currently the resident company at Gasworks Theatre. From its inception Melbourne Playback Theatre has developed flexible, innovative theatre which is highly effective for a variety of applications.

Melbourne Playback Theatre consists of trained and experienced facilitators, actors and musicians, ensuring the highest standard of performance.

Actors (from left) Jacque Robinson, Ian David, Merophie Carr and musician Ernie Gruner. Photo courtesy of the 'Herald-Sun'.